• Kremlin is aloof as wounded return after US Syria battle
  • Russia: 5 Citizens Probably Killed by US Strike in Syria
  • Russia says 5 citizens probably killed by US strike in Syria
  • Russians Among Those Killed in US Airstrike in Eastern Syria
  • Russia: 5 citizens probably killed by US airstrike in Syria
  • US strike may have killed 5 Russian citizens in Syria, foreign ministry says
  • Russia says US airstrike killed 5 of its civilians in Syria
  • 5 Russian citizens may have been killed in Syria during clashes with US-led forces
  • Russia says US airstrike killed 5 of its citizens
  • UN envoy: Dangerous, violent, worrying moment in Syria
  • US may have killed Russians
  • Russian mercenaries said to be killed by US airstrike in Syria
  • 'Russians killed in US airstrikes in eastern Syria'
  • Hundreds of Russian Fighters Killed in US Airstrikes in Syria
  • Hundreds of pro-Assad Mercenaries and Russian Troops Killed by US Strikes in Syria This Month
  • A massive battle between US and Syrian pro-regime forces reportedly killed several Russians
  • US strikes said to kill scores of Russian fighters in Syria
  • US Forces Have Reportedly Killed Over 200 Contract Russian Fighters In Syria
  • The Latest: Russia says US trying to control east Syria
  • Syrian Government Rejects UN-Led Committee to Alter Constitution
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